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Discovery Session

Initial call to learn more about your current situation and goals.

  • 30 min
  • Phone Call or Zoom


Now is the time to change for real – to change for the better – to change your forever. I’d love the opportunity to talk more about how we can partner to create the forever change you’re looking for in life.  Please schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call and we can discuss your hopes and how to get you there. ​ I’ll help you experience becoming – to find out what you’re capable of – to help your soul grow.

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After years of traditional talk therapy without significant breakthroughs, I found myself desperately seeking relief from the weight of overwhelming stress, a lifetime of self-doubt and severe insomnia. After a bit of research, I discovered DeNovo Hypnotherapy and decided to embark on a new journey.

From the very first session, I've experienced a level of profound transformation that I didn't think was possible. The impact was so immediate and powerful that it left me in awe of the potential that hypnotherapy holds. Kim's patience, skill and empathy created an environment of trust and comfort, allowing me to open up.

One of the most astonishing aspects of my experience has been the relief from poor stree management as well as improved self-image. The techniques employed in hypnotherapy seemed to tap into my subconscious in such a way that it began unraveling the root causes of my struggles. I've gained the ability to navigate challenges with a newfound sense of calm and clarity, and this has provided a foundation of physical and mental well-being that I have long yearned for.

Perhaps most significantly, Kim has facilitated a shift in my self-belief. Deep-seated doubts that had hindered my progress for years have been gently and effectively addressed, replaced by a growing sense of confidence and self-assuredness. This newfound belief in myself has enabled me to pursue newly set goals with determination.In just three sessions, the positive changes in my life have been nothing short of astounding. I find myself not only happier but better equipped to manage the inevitable ups and downs that life presents.

The impact of DeNovo Hypnotherapy has transcended my expectations, offering a level of healing and growth that I did not anticipate.To anyone seeking a transformative journey, I wholeheartedly recommend DeNovo Hypnotherapy. Kim has been a significant sound of hope and healing in my life, and I am forever grateful for the positive changes it has wrought. I can't wait to continue this journey.

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Hi. I'm Kim Yurkovich, a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Abundance Mindset Coach, and I'm so glad you've come to my website to learn more about how Hypnotherapy can help you. I'm dedicated to working with people to guide them to identify the root cause of issues they're experiencing today, in order to resolve them and move forward living a happier, peaceful, and more abundant life.  

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