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De Novo - Latin for Anew

Hypnotherapy for a happy life


Kim Yurkovich is a Clinical Hypnotherapist dedicated to helping you overcome what's holding you back in life. Through regression, Kim

helps you identify the root cause behind your emotional pain and behavioral patterns, to eliminate them. Once eliminated, she will guide you forward to shift from scarcity into an abundance mindset, and provide the tools needed to be able to manage what life throws at you, in a healthier, happier way.


She can work with you on your individual goals for your life and can help you with a variety of issues, including: feeling stuck, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, panic, trauma, divorce, grief, joylessness, work stress, in addition to addictions, weight loss, insomnia and pain management, among others.


All sessions are available via Zoom and also in person at the St. Louis Wellness Center in St. Louis, Missouri. You can schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Session by emailing  

her here

or by filling out the form below.


Join me for my new Sunday Stress Release Hypnotherapy Sessions on Zoom. Release stress, get peace, calm, and ready for your week. Starting Sept. 10 at 4 p.m. CST, and each Sunday after.  

Understanding hypnotherapy with Kim



Kim Yurkovich

Hi. I'm Kim Yurkovich, a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Abundance Mindset Coach, and I'm so glad you've come to my website to learn more about how Hypnotherapy can help you. I'm dedicated to working with people to guide them to identify the root cause of issues they're experiencing today, in order to resolve them and move forward living a happier, peaceful, and more abundant life.  

For nearly 25 years, I worked in Corporate America as a communications professional. For years, I felt stuck, stressed beyond what was healthy, and unable to make changes due to limiting beliefs. I finally decided I deserved to live a happier life. Knowing I wanted to help people, I worked with a career coach and hypnotherapist -- from there I discovered my true calling, and became a certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Now I spend my time working with individuals who aren't living the lives they desire. I work to eliminate what doesn't serve you. And guide you towards your life goals, so you can feel your joy and live your authentic life.

I welcome a conversation and I hope you'll schedule a free call with me to get you on your new path to happy.



I just turned 60 years old and for the last several years, I have been suffering from night sweats, night terrors/nightmares, looping negative thoughts, panic, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, many many fears such as fear of financial lack, re-living past experiences & memories from childhood and many, many other things. My stressful job was causing many new fears and anxiety. I had been seeing many different types of doctors to try to solve the different issues and meanwhile was becoming more despondent. So I was looking online to try to find a nearby place to have a massage or spa-type services. I ran across Denovo Hypnotherapy and reached out to Kim.


I have been having sessions with Kim and have had great breakthroughs with touching and closing out old childhood fears and memories. The old memories are like books on a shelf - but the books are not only forever closed, I now cannot even find the old memory book! I am the first born child of my dear parents. Back then, there was not technology to know the gender of a baby. In the session last week, it was discovered that my parents had been expecting a boy child and had spoken to me in the womb as if I was a boy. So inside the womb, I was already full of anxiety about being born a girl. With the new knowledge of my past and of things holding me back subconsciously, I am curious and excited to move forward and to discover a new life of hope and peace.

"I have spent most of my adult life trying to reconcile and overcome my past. I have tried and failed numerous antidepressants, anti-anxiety options, and therapists. I had resigned myself to the idea that I wouldn’t ever overcome my fear or be able to move out of my constant “fight or flight” reality.

I was put in contact with Kim Yurkovich. Her hypnotherapy was a completely different approach but one that changed everything for me. It literally allowed me to change the entire narrative and take back my power. No longer “stuck”, I now am thriving and enjoy my life. I am content and living life the way I always wanted to. I am so grateful and want to pass on my amazing experience to help others. If you identify with me, and are ready to make a profound change, I highly recommend Kim Yurkovich. She absolutely changed my life."


"Before my sessions with Kim I was suffering from horrid night terrors which lead to me being unable to sleep through the night. I would wake up exhausted, covered in sweat, and with images of myself and my loved ones dying. 

After just one session with her, I was dreaming about eating tacos and getting a private concert from Taylor Swift, a kind of dream I don’t think I had in years. We were able to dive into the deep-rooted issues that were triggering these subconscious responses and address them in a calm and controlled environment. 

I am very very happy with Kim’s services and professionalism! 

I can honestly say that Kim has improved my quality of life dramatically!"


"I am grateful for you and your help with my situation. Hypnotherapy opened my eyes to better understand how my (childhood) past impacts my present.

And I’m so pleased with the three-part sessions as they helped me lay groundwork and level-set for a brighter future! Thank you."

What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration -- you are always in control. Whereas our everyday state-of-mind is one of consciousness, in hypnotherapy, relaxation exercises are used to work with your subconscious mind, which is where every memory is held and is fundamentally at the heart of who you are and what you believe about yourself today. At the subconscious level, you can more easily identify the root cause of current issues and, with a Hypnotherapist's positive suggestions, work to gain control over undesired behaviors, thought patterns, and emotions that are negatively impacting your life. 

What Should I Expect

The Hypnotherapy process will occur in a relaxed setting, where you'll feel both safe and secure. In today's world, the majority of sessions will take place over Zoom, which is quite effective. A Hypnotherapists' job is to guide you through relaxation exercises to your benefit. Each session is designed to identify the root cause of the current issue you're experiencing, which is then released. Results are immediate and can be quite profound. The quantity of sessions will depend upon the issues and behavioral patterns being addressed.

Hypnotherapy Process

Step 1 -- Identify the current issues or limitations.

Step 2 -- Identify the root cause.

Step 3 -- Release the emotional response to the root cause.

Step 4 -- Neutralize any resistance to positive change.

Step 5 -- Affirming positive mindset.



I help individuals, who feel lost, eliminate the falsehoods they’ve grown up believing, understand they matter, they are seen, they are lovable, so they can get the best out of their lives – personally and professionally – with high-speed, immediate results.

·      If you feel lost

·      If you work your butt off but don’t see the reward

·      If you’ve hit your wall and you’re burned out

·      If you want to make a significant change but don’t know how


Now is the time to approach it another way


The complete change you’re looking for is available to you  – no more talking in circles with therapists, no more talking to friends on a loop – no more wondering if things can ever be different.

You can build the life you want 

·      You can be bold and empowered

·      You can align your life and your goals can be attainable

·      You can be free, feel good again, and know what’s next with complete confidence

 Working in partnership, you’ll feel supported, renewed, and ready for the amazing things life has in store for you that you could not or would not see previously.

I’ve been where you are. I used to feel lost. I wanted so badly to change my life for the better, but I had absolutely no idea how to do it. 

I was miserable in my job. I wasn’t fulfilled in my life. I lost my confidence. I was resigned to trying to feel grateful for a job I hated, and a career path that was completely uninspiring.

I dreaded my days.

And finally, I decided, I’d had enough. I wasn’t put on this earth to feel sorry for myself. I needed to get out of my head and eliminate all the thoughts and lies I told myself. I found an amazing hypnotherapist and coach, and it changed my life.

That’s why I’ve now created a new program for people who are there – those who want more in life – who work hard but never feel like they’re enough, lovable, that good things are available to them.  


I call it the Power Pivot Program. It gets to the root cause of what is holding you back, so you can shift to the person you’ve always wanted to be but couldn’t find alone.

You will understand why you are lovable, why you’re enough, and your life will change more easily than you ever believed possible.


You may be like me…throughout my life I’ve met and worked with people who give it their all because that’s what they’re made of – but end up feeling overwhelmed with stress and underwhelmed with results. 

No matter what they’ve tried, they’re still struggling to prove they have what it takes. This “not enough” mentality wreaks havoc on all aspects of their lives, from work, to relationships, to friendships.

Now is the time to change for real – to change for the better – to change your forever.


I’d love the opportunity to talk more about how we can partner to create the forever change you’re looking for in life. 


Please schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call and we can discuss your hopes and how to get you there.

I’ll help you experience becoming – to find out what you’re capable of – to help your soul grow.


1:1 Transformational Therapy

During your 1:1 session, you will be working with your conscious and unconscious mind to break through barriers and identify beliefs and behavioral patterns that prevent you from living your best life. By getting to the root cause of the reasons why you have a limiting belief system you will begin to work with your subconscious mind to shift to a more positive mindset, freeing yourself from barriers that hold you back today.


Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management

Working together we will identify the reasons behind your stress and anxiety and neutralize those emotions while replacing them with positive suggestions and providing tools needed to live more peacefully.


Inner Child Work

In customized sessions you'll identify issues from childhood that negatively impact you today and learn to neutralize those emotions in order to live a more abundant life.


Addictions & Weight Loss

During hypnotherapy we'll work together to take back control of your life to live healthier. Through hypnosis we'll work with your subconscious mind to begin to think, feel and act like a person fully in control.


Pain Management

Living in pain can be all-consuming, costing you the ability to live a happy, healthy life. Through hypnosis we'll work to lessen how acute or chronic pain affects you -- focusing your mind beyond  the pain you're experiencing.



Insomnia, if left untreated, can take a terrible toll on an individuals' health and well-being. If you're suffering from insomnia your subconscious will be guided to embrace sleep through a variety of relaxation techniques.

DeNovo Hypnotherapy

I'm so glad you're here. Please fill out the form below and we've follow up with you quickly.

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